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Serving Edmonton metropolitan area, central and northern Alberta



Understanding how dogs think and communicate are key in developing a wonderful, successful relationship between us humans and our canine companions.   


Hound Sense is dedicated to helping ensure that your canine companion is a welcome addition to both your home and the community by being well-mannered, well-behaved, well-trained and well.............just a delight to have around.​

Training classes, behavioural consulations, workshops and special programs are all positive, humane, canine friendly and follow LIMA protocols (least instrusive, minimally aversive).  They are designed to be educational, interesting and fun for both human and canine participants.    ​​​​






SPRING CLASSES beginning in April & May 2024: 

Brain Games level 1

Nosework level 1 

Obedience level 1 

Tracking levels 1 & 2


Walking Workshop

See Classes page for more information

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