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What your dog wants most is to spend time with YOU.  When you make the time to learn something new or take a class with them, you increase your bond, help to build their confidence and burn off mental and physical energy.

Classes are at Mr. Pets in St. Albert or
The Dog Shoppe in Devon


AGILITY          6 wks – $305 A wonderful, fast-paced  sport for you and your dog.  The dog will learn to master an obstacle course and you will learn how to guide your dog through it. Pre-requisites:  dogs must be at least one year old and have basic obedience skills.

BRAIN GAMES & COGNITION 6 wks – $325 Can your dog differentiate between a square and a circle? Will they imitate what they saw you do…..on cue? Is your dog right or left pawed, or are they ambilateral?  Through a series of simple, fun games and activities, this class looks at your dog’s cognitive potential and you will be absolutely amazed at their ability to grasp and apply concepts far beyond what we usually ask them to do. Pre-requisites: dogs should have basic obedience

NOSEWORK levels 1 & 2  6wks – $305.00 Nosework is basic scent detection training which allows dogs to combine their amazing sense of smell with their love of performing a task.      It is an excellent class for dogs that are older, or have mobility issues, are a bit shy or have not been socialized well.  It is also a great class for dogs that have alot of energy – using their nose requires a great deal of effort and it is one of the best ways to tire them out. Pre-requisites: dogs should have basic obedience.

OBEDIENCE level 1 - 6 wks - $285 level 2 - 6 wks - $285 level 1 The foundation of manners and obedience, socialization, social skills with both dogs and humans,  basic canine behaviour and communication, how to prevent/manage undesireable behaviour. This class is for young dogs, dogs that are new to the household, or dogs that need a refresher.  Pre-requisites: Puppies may attend this class once they have had their 2nd set of shots. level 2    Build on basic skills and work on more advanced obedience incorporating duration, distance and distractions.  Also included are signal and vocal commands, off leash control, strategies for dealing with any issues that participants may be having and more. Pre-requisites: dogs must already have the basics of obedience.

TRACKING - Apr to Sept    level 1: 6 wks – $325 level 2:  7-9 wks – $300-375 Tracking is one of the most interesting and enjoyable activities that you can do with your dog.  In this class, we learn how to direct their natural tracking ability to follow a specific track to find someone or something.   Classes are held in different locations in the Edmonton area each week. Pre-requisites: dogs should have basic obedience.

TREIBBALL levels 1 & 2   6 wks -$325 Urban herding or herding with balls, is a dog sport for dogs of any breed, age or size.  In the game, the dog works with the handler in order to use their nose or shoulders to drive balls into a goal, in a certain order, within a certain time limit. It is a low impact activity for both dog and handler that is played with the dog working off leash.  It involves learning target training, directional or herding cues.   Pre-requisites: dogs should have basic obedience

WALKING WORKSHOP      4.5 hr workshop  – $285.00 Do you wish that your dog would walk nicely & be well-behaved while out walking? An intensive workshop to help you turn your walk into a pleasant experience rather than an exercise in frustration.  You will learn different tools and techniques that will help you take control of your walks and teach your dog to walk nicely with you and manage and control any reactivity.   Pre-requisite:  dog is a bad leash walker and/or reactive while on leash

OUT & ABOUT -  Dogs are very curious and love to explore nrew places.  Our Out & About program takes us all over the Edmonton Capital Region  and is designed to help dogs develop proper etiquette and behaviour ourside of a classroom or your home.

TRICKS & TREATS    - Expand your dog’s repertoire by teaching them different tricks from the useful to the cute to the entertaining.   In this class, your dog will learn to  crawl, roll-over, catch a treat from their nose, bring you your slippers and much more.

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